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We provide training in the Rickter Scale® Process: a person-centred assessment solution for working with service-users. The Rickter Scale® helps organisations to measure soft outcomes, distance travelled and impact, whilst giving individuals a meaningful experience that provides choice and ownership.

Using the Rickter Scale® model helps demonstrate accountability, transparency and value for money to stakeholders, whilst giving your service-users the confidence to take steps towards positive life changes.

By capturing soft outcomes and measuring change in a quantitative way, Rickter provides strong evidence of impact.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
Carl Jung

Rickter Scale Training

Complete our 1-day training to become a Licensed Rickter Scale® Practitioner. We deliver training in-house for organisations, or individuals can join regional courses.

Groupwork Training

Get a group engaged and talking, but keep things focused with the Rickter Groupwork board. Our Groupwork training course teaches two different models of application.

Refresher Training

If your team hasn't used Rickter for a long time or confidence has lapsed, our half day refresher session is ideal for getting Practitioners up and running again.

Appraiser Training

Our Appraisal system creates a positive, rewarding supervision experience. Supporting soft skills development and CPD, Rickter draws out areas for discussion which may not come to light via conventional appraisal methods.

our core product

The Rickter Scale Board

The Rickter Scale® is a person-centred, multi-sensory assessment and action planning process, designed to measure soft outcomes, distance travelled and impact.

Rickter is a clever way to illustrate advancement across intangible areas that play such an important part in a person's progress i.e. increased confidence or improved time management skills.
Rickter documents the client 'journey' - the progress made over time ('distance travelled'), showing the change that has taken place during and after support and intervention. Ultimately Rickter helps prove the value and importance of your service provision.

rickter board
  • Fully engaging

    Holding the board and moving the sliders creates a multi-sensory experience, giving ownership and control.

  • Scaling

    Using numbers to reflect thoughts and feelings improves communication and builds confidence.

  • Anchoring

    Adopts techniques such as anchoring to produce more genuine user responses.

  • Heightened awareness

    Helps highlight connections between different areas to see the 'bigger picture' and gain new perspective.

  • Meaningful

    Offers a rewarding experience leaving users feeling inspired and motivated to make changes.

  • Add value

    Teams can easily evidence their hard work and highlight the importance of their service provision.

Data Management

Rickter IMS

The Rickter IMS is a browser-based application giving organisations a readymade data platform to easily record and analyse all Rickter interview data across the Practitioner team. The Rickter Scale® Process coupled with the IMS provides qualitative and quantitative evidence for funders, helping prove the true impact of your work.

A complete solution

Build a detailed record of interview results across your organisation.

Track Progress
Action Planning

Create and manage action plans to visualise progress towards goals.

Keep track of inputs

Practitioners track their caseloads, Managers oversee all progress.

Detailed impact analysis

Generate reports showing distance travelled and overall movement.


Our Product Range

We offer a range of quality, person-centred products based around our unique 3D tool and process: the Rickter Scale®. Our products are flexible, continually evolving and can be fully customised, ensuring we continue helping organisations meet the complex and changing needs of their clients.

Rickter in action

Real Life Rickter

The Rickter Scale featured on television series "It's Never Too Late" which followed six individuals working to make positive changes to their work and home lives.

This inspirational programme was sponsored by the Big Plus, Scotland's campaign to promote awareness of the support available to anyone experiencing difficulty with literacy and numeracy.

Our thanks to STV and East Ayrshire Council Community Learning and Development for providing this footage.

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A case study: using Rickter to increase engagement with young people

We recently spent a very enjoyable day delivering Rickter Scale® training for Glasgow City Council’s Activity Agreement Service Team. It was really interesting hearing about the positive support available to vulnerable young people who have become disengaged from work and learning. The group were looking for ways to increase engagement with the young people and to be able to help […]

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FIRST’s Rickter Experience

The Rickter Company has been fortunate to work with FIRST in Fife since 2003. FIRST provides a Community Rehabilitation Service to clients with substance misuse issues via one to one, group (activity and issue based) and volunteer support.  Clients are seen weekly by their Rehabilitation Worker for support with their drug/alcohol misuse. We spoke with […]