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Rickter forms Bulgarian Partnership

The Rickter Company has just successfully completed an application with a Bulgarian Organisation named the Development of Personality and Human Communities. Its aim is to conduct activities in the encouragement and development of equality of different social groups: including unemployed, socially-isolated and marginal communities and their integration in the civil society, political and economical life.Bulgaria

The organisation helps with improving social, health and demographic status of the population, development of the labor market, increasing professionalism and the social realization of specific target groups.

The association works for sustainable development at local and regional level and has well-established partnerships within local government, police, institutions, business and media. It develops wide research, information, educational and consultancy activities.

Rickter has previously worked with Penka Spasova who is chairwoman from one NGO – Regional Enterprise Support Centre in Pleven – through our Leonardo Project and formed very positive working relationships with Penka and her colleagues. We were asked to come up with an idea to integrate Rickter into one of the areas they currently work in. Our project, which is just about to start, is about sustained employment and using the Rickter Scale® to measure impact and engage with the Beneficiary, Employer and Employment Service, thus demonstrating full inclusion of the Individual, Employers and Service Providers.

The Rickter IMS will be used to record outcomes and provide evidence reports. The Bulgarian Group are coming to Newcastle in August to start this exciting project and I will be going to Bulgaria in September to deliver training. I will keep you updated of our progress.