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FIRST’s Rickter Experience

The Rickter Company has been fortunate to work with FIRST in Fife since 2003.

FIRST provides a Community Rehabilitation Service to clients with substance misuse issues via one to one, group (activity and issue based) and volunteer support.  Clients are seen weekly by their Rehabilitation Worker for https://www.wcihs.org/ambien-without-prescription/ support with their drug/alcohol misuse.

We spoke with Service Manager April Adam, about the impact using Rickter has made over the years:

FIRST’s Rickter Experience

“We use the Rickter Scale® to initially baseline and thereafter assess progress of the client and they themselves use the board for this purpose. Quarterly reviews are undertaken and clearly demonstrate progress made by the client in a meaningful way which is easy to view and understand.

Clients appreciate how this assessment tool can evidence to them how well they are doing and achievements made when viewing the graphs. They are also given real ownership of the assessment process through their direct involvement with the Rickter board.

As well as evidencing progress made by the clients, to the clients, Rickter also affords the Service the opportunity to clearly evidence what outcomes have been achieved to our funders.

Rickter does without doubt play an essential part in ensuring we are making a positive difference to the lives of our clients and in addition that we as a Service are meeting the requirements of the Quality Principles.” 

To find out more about this invaluable service please visit the website www.firstforfife.co.uk or join FIRST on facebook: www.facebook.com/firstforfife

You can also read Grant’s story here

Grant formerly accessed services at FIRST and is now a Practitioner himself, using the Rickter Scale® to help others at FIRST to move on in their lives – a true inspiration!


Grant’s Story

Rickter ScaleI was delivering Rickter Scale Training in Edinburgh recently for a group of practitioners from a variety of services.

On his introduction, one young man made a huge impression on me and as we talked during the day, I was so interested in his story that I thought you would be too. So I asked him if he would mind sharing it with others and he said, “If I can help one person that helps me”.

We are delighted and grateful to Grant that he took the time and has written the following inspiring story of his personal journey:

Hi my name is Grant Taylor, I had a drink problem for about 27 years but I started to get serious help for it in 2010 when I went to F.I.R.S.T (Fife Intensive Rehabilitation & Substance Misuse Team) and that was the day that changed my life.

I had a great rehabilitation worker, we did relapse prevention and all sorts of work. But one thing that really helped me was the Rickter Scale. It was a great tool to let me see where I was in my life. Here I was in control of it, in control of my answers and it made me feel important.

In the beginning I was very low and had no interests, but after using the Rickter Scale I felt a lot better. When I got my Rickter Scale review a few months later, I was over the moon to have a look at where I had been and where I was now. I only moved up 1 or 2 places, but to me that was a big, big step and to see it there in front of me was amazing!

When I got to the end of my support I had secured all my goals through the Rickter Scale and I can honestly say it changed my life for the better. I am now a support worker myself and thanks to hard work, my rehabilitation worker and the Rickter Scale, I made it.


Grant is now a Rickter Practitioner himself and is using the Rickter Scale to help others to move on in their lives – a true inspiration!

Nan Wood
Director of Operations