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A case study: using Rickter to increase engagement with young people

We recently spent a very enjoyable day delivering Rickter Scale® training for Glasgow City Council’s Activity Agreement Service Team.

It was really https://starisland.org/buy-accutane-for-acne/ interesting hearing about the positive support available to vulnerable young people who have become disengaged from work and learning.

The group were looking for ways to increase engagement with the young people and to be able to help them reflect on their progress. It was a pleasure to work with them and share experiences.

One of the Practitioners commented on the day that Rickter is something she will use for the rest of her career.

We caught up with Brendan Dafters, Activity Agreement Coach, about their experience of Rickter so far:

“Our department works with disadvantaged young people aged 15-21 who are disengaged from education, employment and training. We offer a comprehensive and diverse range of employability activities designed to support young people into positive and meaningful destinations. The Rickter Assessment has become a vital component within our delivery model and its value is already evident.”

Case Study:

Service User 1 (SU1) was referred to our service after almost 12 months of refusal to attend school and offending within the community. As part of our 3 session assessment SU1 completed a Rickter Assessment with their Coach. It was apparent that the service user’s network of support, peer group and literacy skills were key areas of concern. The goal-setting aspect of the assessment allowed the practitioner to facilitate the design of an action plan which would help the service user overcome their barriers and work towards their goals.

SU1’s barriers were addressed over the next 12 weeks by means of focused workshops and literacy and numeracy support. They completed a stage one 8 week programme which covered community contribution and citizenship. The positive relationships SU1 made within the centre also positively impacted on their offending and antisocial behaviour.

A follow-up Rickter Assessment showed the progress the young person felt they had made during their time within our service. Headings such as ‘Core Skills’, ‘Social Networks’ and ‘Team/Groupwork’ increased by more than 5 steps. In this particular case, the Rickter Assessment was pivotal in assessing the needs of this service user and it greatly contributed towards empowering them to work towards a set of goals.

Here at Rickter we are passionate about people having choice and access to the necessary support enabling them to make positive changes in their lives. It is great hearing how the Rickter Scale® has contributed to this young person now having a vision of a future away from offending and one that involves more positive choices.

We look forward to our continued work with Glasgow City Council’s Activity Agreement Service Team.