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Rickter hosts Leonardo Partners in Newcastle

We have just hosted an ESF Leonardo Project meeting in Newcastle.

Our European partners came from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland.

Unfortunately the Slovakian delegation were grounded by the volcanic ash cloud.

Leonardo Partners 2010

As well as teaching them a bit of Geordie language, we hit the cultural high spots of Durham Cathedral, an x-rated art exhibition at Belsay Hall in the Northumberland countryside and an Irish pub in the ‘toon’ where we plied them with Guinness and fish and chips.

Oh yes, and we also shared our experiences of the assessment and validation of informally and non-formally acquired learning of vocational skills!

The greatest challenge of course was to come to some agreement as to what all these terms mean.

Fortunately the EU provides us with a weighty glossary of Euro-speak terms and the work was completed.

We can all now talk eloquently about our mobilities, competences, certification of learning outcomes, and the amazingly cheap price of a pint in Bulgaria –all with a Geordie accent of course!