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Final ASK Meeting, Poland

The final ASK Meeting was held in Rzeszow, Poland by our hosts DC Center which is a private company acting in the field of education and counselling.

ASK_Rzeszow_02aaThe main objective of DC Center is to promote learning throughout life, participate in human resource development in the region and also to operate at national and international level. DC Center conducts research on educational situations, designs training materials and provides consultancy services. Their activities are based on networks of public and private companies, NGOs and local government institutions. They have experience in conducting market research and educational work in multicultural environments.

The role they had in this meeting was to pull together all the partnership feedback and present it before it is added to our final report. The outcome from this feedback was that this experience had been beneficial for all those partners who contributed. The range shown was from improving practice and resources to building communication, language skills and friendships. A lot of people expressed that their knowledge of ESF Practices had been greatly developed and that this is something that they can build on for the future within applications for more innovative projects. The final report was discussed and everyone was asked for their input to allow the German Partners to complete it by the due date.

We went to see a little bit of Rzeszow and had a conducted tour through the underground cellars in the centre of the city. This underground network was used in the Second World War for mainly Jewish people, to hide and escape from the German invasion. We saw examples of everyday things that they had left from cooking pots to a carpentry workshop. There was also evidence of Rzeszow’s history depicted in coats of arms, along with armour and swords from other eras.


The meeting was brought to a close by a final social dinner and then sadly it was time to say goodbye to everyone. We do intend to keep on building these relationships in future work and look forward to keeping in touch with our European Partners.

Bulgaria ASK Meeting

In October Keith and I flew out to Bulgaria for the forth meeting with our European Partners.  We arrived in Sofia and were then transported to Plevin by mini bus. This journey was through beautiful mountainous scenery and introduced us to some very different rules of the road! DBBZ were our hosts showing us around their worksite and the kind of apprenticeships they offer in computing, building etc. People come from surrounding areas and live within the premises while completing their courses, going away with a qualification to help them gain employment or set up their own business.


The ASK group have been working on a comparative study of non-formal and informal acquired skills in vocational training and as you can probably guess there is quite a wide understanding of skills development.  Keith presented the final outcomes from the survey we did.  All countries undertook to ask students/trainees/teachers and trainers to complete a questionnaire and we had 329 responses on which to base our findings.  Our next step is to look at validation, reflecting on the individual\’s journey of learning which will take into account both hard and soft outcomes.  We will be following this up in Italy in a few weeks time.

M4034S-4211 We returned to Sofia for our final day and were given a guided walking tour around the city visiting many areas of historical interest.