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Grant’s Story

Rickter ScaleI was delivering Rickter Scale Training in Edinburgh recently for a group of practitioners from a variety of services.

On his introduction, one young man made a huge impression on me and as we talked during the day, I was so interested in his story that I thought you would be too. So I asked him if he would mind sharing it with others and he said, “If I can help one person that helps me”.

We are delighted and grateful to Grant that he took the time and has written the following inspiring story of his personal journey:

Hi my name is Grant Taylor, I had a drink problem for about 27 years but I started to get serious help for it in 2010 when I went to F.I.R.S.T (Fife Intensive Rehabilitation & Substance Misuse Team) and that was the day that changed my life.

I had a great rehabilitation worker, we did relapse prevention and all sorts of work. But one thing that really helped me was the Rickter Scale. It was a great tool to let me see where I was in my life. Here I was in control of it, in control of my answers and it made me feel important.

In the beginning I was very low and had no interests, but after using the Rickter Scale I felt a lot better. When I got my Rickter Scale review a few months later, I was over the moon to have a look at where I had been and where I was now. I only moved up 1 or 2 places, but to me that was a big, big step and to see it there in front of me was amazing!

When I got to the end of my support I had secured all my goals through the Rickter Scale and I can honestly say it changed my life for the better. I am now a support worker myself and thanks to hard work, my rehabilitation worker and the Rickter Scale, I made it.


Grant is now a Rickter Practitioner himself and is using the Rickter Scale to help others to move on in their lives – a true inspiration!

Nan Wood
Director of Operations