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Nurture soft skills to create a place people love to work

7K0A0223As organisations increasingly recognise the importance of soft skills, the Rickter Scale provides an ideal vehicle to benefit both the employee’s personal growth and the company’s bottom line through soft skill development.

Customer service key to business success

Good standards of customer service are critical to any business success and the soft skills (or lack thereof) of your workforce has a lasting effect on the customer experience. It has been well documented that a happy workforce equals happy customers.

Employees who feel undervalued and overlooked are not conducive to any place of business. People always perform best when they feel appreciated, with their input and achievements being acknowledged. Feeling ‘good’ about work and that they are a valued part of the team helps an employee feel motivated to do their best.

In these busy times, managers can be forgiven for being so caught up in trying to keep on top of business activities that often employees are being ‘left to it’. More than ever it feels there is too little time to spend speaking with staff when there are clients to see, orders to go out or issues to resolve.

However neglect soft skills development at your cost, with recent research by the Development Economics group suggesting this is an area worth £88bn to the UK economy per year, particularly in businesses that rely on face-to-face human interaction.

Tackling the soft skills gap to create a better workplace

The best way to improve soft skills is through the recognition of what they are and then by goal-setting and measuring the subsequent journey.

 Workplace wellbeing can easily be aided by taking some simple steps:

  • Teach your workforce what soft skills are
  • Using the Rickter Scale, work with individuals to recognise their soft skills and determine the steps needed for growth
  • Create a workable action plan, encouraging individuals to build and expand on their soft skills

Working on your team’s soft skills will almost certainly contribute to the productivity and operational efficiency of your organisation or service.

Rickter is the ideal process for helping individuals recognise and develop soft skills such as Leadership, Communication, Resilience and Time Management.

Contact us to request more information on the Nurturing Soft Skills Rickter framework.

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Thank you – Rickter Online Developments Survey

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in the recent Rickter Online Developments Survey.

Your feedback is invaluable to us as we take product developments forward and we really appreciate you taking the time out.

Finally Congratulations to Emma Purdon at Extern who won the Pictorial Board prize draw.

Customising Rickter

Rickter Scale has been very successful with organisations that have managed its implementation. Those organisations realise how important it is to use appropriate questions for the individuals they are working with. This ensures the questions have a purpose, motivate the individual empowering them to take control and also give the added value of supplying the right evidence to funders.

Now it could be that the Lifeboard (original headings supplied on all Rickter Boards) hits the mark (it’s my personal favourite), but perhaps a Basic Skills or School overlay from our existing collection is the best one. We have a huge selection of overlays that you can browse on our website

Rickter Overlays

However have you thought about a fully customised overlay that will tick all your boxes? It only costs an additional £35 to have a bespoke overlay developed and supplied with its own custom software, and the turnaround is very quick.

Why not have a look at some examples on our website which can help provide a first step to devising your own version? To go ahead with producing a custom overlay please send an outline of the ten headings and questions as you would like them to

We’ll review your format and come back to you with any suggestions before it receives final approval and is allocated with a unique overlay order code.

We’re happy to provide as much input as you want to get the overlay that’s going to work best for you. For more assistance please call our office or get in touch with me direct – we’ll be happy to help.

New Rickter Videos

Last week we filmed some new Rickter videos around Action Planning and Groupwork.

YouTube Video Channel

Both videos are available to view here

We hope you enjoy these and find them informative. Whilst we may not be about to deliver up the next Tarantino, we’re really embracing this medium as a way of sharing information and demonstrating Rickter products. Work on new footage is already underway – more news soon.

Meanwhile we’d love to hear your feedback, simply click “leave a comment”

Original Rickter Scale

Thought folks might like to see the Original Rickter Scale, thanks to Blue Peter. Compare this to the current board. Bit of a difference!

The very first Rickter Board

The very first Rickter Board

Present day Rickter Board

Present day Rickter Board

What a journey we have had to get it to this stage – I believe we are on version 8. Each version has filled me with excitement. I now wonder what will version ten look like? A prize for your best guess.