MobAd: Motivation for mobility among adult learners

DSCF8607The Rickter Company is involved in a European Grundtvig Project which is looking at the role of a Mobility Adviser. This is a person who would advise on learning mobilities for students, encouraging them to travel to different countries to access courses, qualifications and to build confidence and experience.

We have already explored the barriers that prevent people from taking up mobility opportunities. These would include; family responsibilities, different food, being alone in a strange country and not speaking the language.

Keith and Nan travelled to Poznan in Poland to meet with our other partners from Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Romania. Our partners in Poznan hosted this meeting and looked after us incredibly well.

We are in the process of outlining a profile of the skills and expertise required by a Mobility Adviser to enable them to engage with people and to fulfil this role to the best of their ability. Through an earlier poll in all the partnership countries we discovered that the UK has the least knowledge and use of mobilities.

Our partner in Lithuania shared their vast experience of working with young people and encouraging them to engage in the mobilities programmes. They say as well as any qualifications gained, the changes in confidence and motivation when these young people return is vast.

We were lucky enough to have a little time to visit the historical parts of Poznan and view their beautiful cathedral and the Castle of Kόrnik, before flying home.