Transfer of Innovation Meeting – Carpi, Italy

TOI Meeting, Feb 2013Keith and Nan attended a meeting for our Leonardo Transfer of Innovation in Carpi, Italy last week. This is our last meeting before we host a conference in Newcastle on the 4th September to share our outcomes. The project is being led by GBB in Germany and partnered by KMOP in Greece and ANS in Italy, as well as ourselves. We received a lot of positive feedback on how the Rickter Scale® is being used in these different countries and cultures, as well as with a variety of client groups.

GBB are working with women returning to work, mainly female immigrants. They are incorporating Rickter into their coaching service to support the process of placements.  They have said that it offers them up a lot of information in a very short period of time. There have been some language barriers, but using the scale makes it easier to communicate. By using the Rickter Scale® the Practitioners have recognised that some migrant women are affected by their culture around religion and their husbands influence. The result being that they find it very difficult to make choices and recognise self-responsibility. However when they are encouraged to Action Plan at review interviews they recognise the movement on the board as a positive outcome. GBB are also offering vocational training to young males and have noticed that whilst normally these young men are very closed to sharing feelings, they do open up when using the Rickter Scale®.  GBB want to continue to use the Rickter Scale® in future.

KMOP are working with people who have long-term mental health issues and learning disabilities. They are supporting them from institutional life into independent living. They too like using the Rickter Scale® and have had positive outcomes with those who are more able.  It again has helped the client group to recognise choice and contribute to changes in their lives. Usually it is the Psychologists and Psychiatrists who do assessments, but one of the Practitioners has stated how useful Rickter is for her to engage with the clients and not have to wait on clinical reports. Rickter is helping her to communicate with and read her clients.  This has increased her confidence in her work role and encouraged her to be a more positive advocate for her clients. KMOP will continue to use Rickter in the future.

ANS are working with immigrants to Italy who would like to become carers for the elderly.  They have to speak Italian and be able to work within the family home, usually living as part of the family group. They have found Rickter most useful for assessing the progress of clients through the Care Course they offer. It is being used to encourage motivation and responsibility around a work/life balance. The clients enjoy using the Rickter Scale® and the one-to-one time it gives them with the Practitioners. There are barriers around their level of Italian and sometimes they have difficulty expressing their feelings in a second language, but the Rickter process helps to make things easier. ANS will continue to use the Rickter Scale® in line with their course, but also as a follow-up to help clients maintain motivation and encourage self reliability. This area was badly affected by the earthquake last year and people had terrible losses to come to terms with. We made the comparison that the Richter Scale measured the seismic change in the area, but the Rickter Scale® measured the change in the people.

The Rickter Company are using data that has been agreed with an existing customer to show comparisons in the UK.