Rickter Company QMS Interface

  • Promotional Materials
    • Information Pack
      The Rickter Company Information Pack should be sent to prospective customers with the Brochure and IMS Fact sheet, along with any supplementary information such as reports, case studies or overlay examples.
    • Brochure
      This brochure is a handy quick overview of our services and can be enclosed during almost any correspondence with customers.
    • Groupwork Training Flyer
      Contains detailed information around the Groupwork Board and related training.
    • IMS Fact Sheet
      An overview of the IMS (Impact Management System), its benefits and pricing.
    • IMS Account Features
      An explanation of the different account types available on the IMS.
  • Recording Information
    • New Contact Form
      Creates a record of new prospective customer's details, for input to the central system.
    • Database Update Form
      Useful summary form for submitting Practitioner or Contact call updates to Rickter Admin Team.
    • Conference Register
      Registration form for gathering contact details during conference or exhibition events.
    • Testimonial Submission Form
      Format to create authorised permission records for testimonials to be used for promotional purposes.
    • Project Information Form
      This form enables an overview of new projects the Rickter Team is involved in to be created and updates recorded.
  • Guidelines
    • Logo Guidelines
      Contains detailed guidance on how to apply the Rickter brand to communications materials.
  • PowerPoint Presentations


The Rickter Company QMS Interface

This site contains all of the Rickter Company Documentation which formulates our Quality Management System and is necessary for us to deliver an efficient and effective service.

The purpose of the site is to ensure that documents are "live" and available to all Employees and Associates 24 hours a day, accessible from any location.

The documents contained here are the most up to date versions available. In line with our Document Control Procedures please always make this site your first point of call when you need to utilise information or obtain a form or procedure. Failure to do so will result in the circulation of information that has been superseded and which may be incorrect.

All document updates are notified via email.