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Work Programme

Rick HutchinsonIt seems that there are more people applying for less jobs than ever before. There are many providers doing great work to meet the governments targets who are struggling to come anywhere near what is expected of them to get their payment by results.

So if they do not succeed does that mean they have failed?

On one level I guess they have – in terms of getting paid from the government, however what about all the good work they have done to get their clients ” Opportunity Ready”! That is improving their self esteem, confidence, CV writing and interview skills etc. Surely we have to give them not just credit for this work, but also financial help to continue to work with a difficult client group so that when the job market picks up they will then see the fruits of their labour when their clients are “Opportunity Ready”?

How do we measure these soft outcomes? Look no further than the Rickter Scale process. It is designed to assess, motivate and provide such evidence to funders and demonstrate value for money. We welcome enquiries from providers so we can help them to help others to tackle the unemployment situation with a new confidence and so that they can now demonstrate their effectiveness.

Customising Rickter

Rickter Scale has been very successful with organisations that have managed its implementation. Those organisations realise how important it is to use appropriate questions for the individuals they are working with. This ensures the questions have a purpose, motivate the individual empowering them to take control and also give the added value of supplying the right evidence to funders.

Now it could be that the Lifeboard (original headings supplied on all Rickter Boards) hits the mark (it’s my personal favourite), but perhaps a Basic Skills or School overlay from our existing collection is the best one. We have a huge selection of overlays that you can browse on our website http://www.rickterscale.com/what-we-do/overlays

Rickter Overlays

However have you thought about a fully customised overlay that will tick all your boxes? It only costs an additional £35 to have a bespoke overlay developed and supplied with its own custom software, and the turnaround is very quick.

Why not have a look at some examples on our website which can help provide a first step to devising your own version? To go ahead with producing a custom overlay please send an outline of the ten headings and questions as you would like them to info@rickterscale.com

We’ll review your format and come back to you with any suggestions before it receives final approval and is allocated with a unique overlay order code.

We’re happy to provide as much input as you want to get the overlay that’s going to work best for you. For more assistance please call our office or get in touch with me direct – we’ll be happy to help.

Original Rickter Scale

Thought folks might like to see the Original Rickter Scale, thanks to Blue Peter. Compare this to the current board. Bit of a difference!

The very first Rickter Board

The very first Rickter Board

Present day Rickter Board

Present day Rickter Board

What a journey we have had to get it to this stage – I believe we are on version 8. Each version has filled me with excitement. I now wonder what will version ten look like? A prize for your best guess.