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Nan wins in the Leonardo Photo category of the Ecorys and British Council Your Story Competition

Congratulations to our very own Nan Wood who has been announced as a Highly Commended Prize Winner for her photographic project entry to the Lifelong Learning Programme ‘Your Story‘ Competition.

Leonardo Photo Competition

Leonardo Photo Competition

Nan used photographs from our trips to Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Poland to illustrate our Leonardo Journey over the past 2 years working as part of the ESF Leonardo Lifelong Learning Partnership Project.

You can view Nan’s Story here on the competition website: http://competition.lifelonglearningprogramme.org.uk/leonardo/photo.php

Hover on each image to read the accompanying text.

Unfortunately Nan is unable to attend the Prize Awards Event next week due to a previously scheduled work commitment but well done Nan, and congratulations to all the other winners across the three categories.

Rickter’s Two Year European Project Completed

Since August 2009 The Rickter Company has been working with organisations from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Slovakia in an ESF Leonardo Lifelong Learning Partnership Project.

This has now come to an end with only the final dissemination of our work still ongoing.

The project – our first within the Leonardo framework – has been a most worthwhile experience. Nan and I got to grips with the sometimes bizarre quirkiness of Euro-speak, e.g. mobilities, informal and non-formal learning, while loving the opportunity to learn so much about the different approaches to working within vocational training in partner countries, and not least enjoying  the wonderful friendships that have been forged over two years of collaboration.

In fact, so successful have we felt this project to have been, that we are keeping our fingers crossed that by September we shall be embarking on a Transfer of Innovation partnership with our colleagues from Germany, Greece and Italy – the innovation being the Rickter Scale® Process, adapted to be language and culture specific to some of their organisations’ specific client groups. On top of that we have also been invited by our Bulgarian partner to work with them on another ESF exchange project.

ASK Website

So it would seem that 2012 might see a lot more transnational cooperation and development for the company and further indulgence in Bulgarian Mavrud wine (Winston Churchill’s favourite red), German Wurst, Greek Meze and Italian Pasta!

For more information about the actual project work that we have been doing on ‘The assessment and validation of informally and non-formally acquired skills in Vocational Education and Training’, please visit the dedicated website:


Back from Bulgaria

Keith Stead

As part of our work with the European Leonardo Partnership ASK Project, Keith and Nan travelled to Bulgaria for what will be the fourth transnational meeting of the Partnership.

Keith writes following their return:


Weather: generally warm and sunny.
Hotels: fine, though with animal skins on the bedroom floor maybe not the first choice of vegans.
Food and drink: incredibly cheap, very tasty, with more than generous portions.

A melting pot of cultures. And lots to see. Wish you could have been with us!

Nan and I returned home from an excellent few days with our European partners on Sunday evening. My case followed 36 hours later. Clearly it wanted to stay too.

Of course we were there to continue sharing good practice in ‘the assessment of informally and non-formally acquired learning of vocational skills’, which is actually becoming more fascinating the more we delve into the subject and the more we hear what is happening in the other countries. If you want to get a flavour of our Leonardo Project, please have a look at www.lp-ask.org

And finally a piece of fascinating trivia:

Question – What was Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite wine? Answer – a Bulgarian red, made from Mavrud grapes. I brought a bottle home, but may have to go back for more!

Next stop Slovakia. Nazdravye!

Rickter hosts Leonardo Partners in Newcastle

We have just hosted an ESF Leonardo Project meeting in Newcastle.

Our European partners came from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland.

Unfortunately the Slovakian delegation were grounded by the volcanic ash cloud.

Leonardo Partners 2010

As well as teaching them a bit of Geordie language, we hit the cultural high spots of Durham Cathedral, an x-rated art exhibition at Belsay Hall in the Northumberland countryside and an Irish pub in the ‘toon’ where we plied them with Guinness and fish and chips.

Oh yes, and we also shared our experiences of the assessment and validation of informally and non-formally acquired learning of vocational skills!

The greatest challenge of course was to come to some agreement as to what all these terms mean.

Fortunately the EU provides us with a weighty glossary of Euro-speak terms and the work was completed.

We can all now talk eloquently about our mobilities, competences, certification of learning outcomes, and the amazingly cheap price of a pint in Bulgaria –all with a Geordie accent of course!