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Meet ANS: the leading Rickter Associate Organisation in Italy

Marianna and Serena, July 2015

Marianna and Serena, July 2015

I recently travelled back to Carpi in the Modena Provence of Italy to train Serena and Marianna from Anziani e non solo soc. coop (ANS) as Associate Rickter Trainers.

This service works with unemployed migrants, training them as carers for the elderly. In Carpi the care is given in the home of the elderly person, with the carer usually taking up residence.

ANS use Rickter to evaluate the outcomes of their Care Course and to help job-match the individual with the elderly person. We have worked with ANS for several years now through various European Partnerships, building not only professional collaboration but great friendships too.

We spent five days working together on the skills to deliver Rickter Scale® Training and Groupwork Training, as well as learning our Impact and Quality Management Systems.  Each day was about learning and practicing. Marianna and Serena worked very hard and delivered their first day of training in-house to colleagues on Friday of that week and in English, which was no mean feat! They were very professional and competent in their training, with an approachable and informative style. I was very proud to present them with their Associate Trainer Licence, making their organisation the leading Rickter Associate Partner in Italy.

ANS have secured a contract to deliver Rickter Training in Sicily to Employment Advisers who work in government-funded employment services. They have already undertaken the initial Rickter Scale® Training and will return in September for a follow up and to deliver Groupwork Training. The Employment Advisers have worked with Serena and Marianna on developing two overlays, one for young people and one for older people who are long-term unemployed. The Rickter Company has supported them in this process, offering advice around the structure of the questions and the possible flow of the interview. These overlays are designed to engage with the individuals and to evidence the outcomes of the service.

I was made to feel very welcome by everyone during my visit and had the honour of being invited into people’s homes for dinner. I enjoyed trying new foods, one of them being Balsamic Ice Cream which was gorgeous. Carpi is of course famous for its production of Balsamic Vinegar. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone in ANS and seeing Carpi again, which is a beautiful town. There was only one down side – Tiger Mosquitoes love Scottish blood!