What’s new from Rickter in 2017?

Keith Stead, CEO @ Rickter, looks at what’s coming up in the year ahead.

Firstly a somewhat belated Happy New Year to you all! Here’s hoping regardless of the unfolding Brexit saga and uncertainty about what the new USA presidency might bring, that we can find peace, security and fulfilment in our own lives in 2017.

It is difficult for https://sverigepiller.com/somntabletter/ me to take in that the Rickter Scale® Process has now been a ‘work in progress’ for 24 years, that we have trained and licensed over 20,000 practitioners in 22 countries, with an estimated 1.5 million Rickter Scale® interviews being completed.

I refer to Rickter being a work in progress, because since Rick Hutchinson and I first began experimenting with that very first Rickter Board – constructed in best Blue Peter fashion on Rick’s kitchen table using cardboard – the Rickter Scale® has always been a process developed for practitioners, by practitioners.

Although Klonopin is considered a good medicine, it didn’t help me. https://www.kim-taehoon.com/wp-content/themes/shablony/ I felt horrible even after taking the lowest dose. I suffered from vertigo, headache and sickness. I felt like I was drunk. After withdrawing the asthma drug, things got worse. The physiciantold me to withdraw the medicine gradually to avoid side effects.

So thank you for your collective success in contributing to what has been achieved, not only in terms of the statistics above, but in creating the means of awakening people to choice, ownership, responsibility and empowerment: our Rickter Company mission.

Your contribution has led to us now being able to offer hundreds of overlays that reflect the specific needs of service users in over 6,000 projects, as well as ensuring alignment with their organisations’ aims and objectives.

It is through your feedback that we can also offer our range of adapted Rickter Boards for group work, for children, for those with limited fine motor skills, for those who use Braille and for those on the Autism spectrum.

Coming soon, again as a result of your feedback, we’ll be introducing a range of new courses. Look out for further announcements on our new website: www.rickterscale.com

Also in the pipeline is a paper researched and authored by Northumbria University. It not only validates the Rickter process of enquiry, but by also measuring individuals’ Heart Rate, evidences how users can experience a state of heart-brain coherence. Seemingly wild stuff, but with exciting implications for Rickter users’ wellbeing!

So, once again from the team here at Rickter, thank you for all the brilliant work you are doing and please continue to stay in touch with your suggestions and news of your own achievements in 2017.

Keith Stead