What’s new from Rickter in 2017?

Keith Stead, CEO @ Rickter, looks at what’s coming up in the year ahead.

Firstly a somewhat belated Happy New Year to you all! Here’s hoping regardless of the unfolding Brexit saga and uncertainty about what the new USA presidency might bring, that we can find peace, security and fulfilment in our own lives in 2017.

It is difficult for https://sverigepiller.com/somntabletter/ me to take in that the Rickter Scale® Process has now been a ‘work in progress’ for 24 years, that we have trained and licensed over 20,000 practitioners in 22 countries, with an estimated 1.5 million Rickter Scale® interviews being completed.

I refer to Rickter being a work in progress, because since Rick Hutchinson and I first began experimenting with that very first Rickter Board – constructed in best Blue Peter fashion on Rick’s kitchen table using cardboard – the Rickter Scale® has always been a process developed for practitioners, by practitioners.

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So thank you for your collective success in contributing to what has been achieved, not only in terms of the statistics above, but in creating the means of awakening people to choice, ownership, responsibility and empowerment: our Rickter Company mission.

Your contribution has led to us now being able to offer hundreds of overlays that reflect the specific needs of service users in over 6,000 projects, as well as ensuring alignment with their organisations’ aims and objectives.

It is through your feedback that we can also offer our range of adapted Rickter Boards for group work, for children, for those with limited fine motor skills, for those who use Braille and for those on the Autism spectrum.

Coming soon, again as a result of your feedback, we’ll be introducing a range of new courses. Look out for further announcements on our new website: www.rickterscale.com

Also in the pipeline is a paper researched and authored by Northumbria University. It not only validates the Rickter process of enquiry, but by also measuring individuals’ Heart Rate, evidences how users can experience a state of heart-brain coherence. Seemingly wild stuff, but with exciting implications for Rickter users’ wellbeing!

So, once again from the team here at Rickter, thank you for all the brilliant work you are doing and please continue to stay in touch with your suggestions and news of your own achievements in 2017.

Keith Stead

Saints Foundation in partnership with CDG–WISE Ability: How we used Rickter to shape our employability course

Marching Towards Employment participants pictured with Rickter Scale Practitioner Keith Mitchell (far right) and SaintsAbility+ Project Officer Robert Pearce (far left) at the Southampton V Sunderland match on 27 August 2016. Photo by Matt Watson/SFC/Digital South.

Saints Foundation is an independent charity aligned to Southampton Football Club. Harnessing the passion of the club and its fans they aim to INSPIRE, SUPPORT and DELIVER positive change and equality of opportunity for young people and vulnerable adults across Southampton and surrounding areas. They work across six key themes: Youth inclusion, Lifelong Learning, Health and Wellbeing, Education, Schools and Enterprise and Football and Sports Development.

CDG – WISE Ability delivers the Work Choice contract through its experienced and knowledgeable supply chain across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Their core purpose is to support people with disabilities and long term health conditions who are unemployed find worthwhile and sustainable employment and improve their quality of life. The aim is to deliver a service that meets the needs of the customers, ensuring both a high quality and excellent service.

During 2016 both organisations met up and working in partnership created an Employability Course aimed at young people with disability/health conditions that needed help and support in taking their next steps towards employment goals.

Calling the course “Marching Towards Employment”, participants were invited to join and in the week before starting came in for individual Rickter Scale® sessions. From this we identified key areas of development, as well as individual goals relating to employment. We were then able to tailor the course specifically around these areas – as opposed to just delivering an “off the shelf” course on what was presumed they would need to learn.

The results spoke for themselves with the follow up assessments showing improvement, development and achievements across the board with all the participants.

Keith Mitchell, Employment Adviser, CDG –WISE Ability

How Finchale will be using the Rickter Scale® to support veterans

We were recently fortunate to work with the team at Finchale, an independent charity in Durham providing specialist progression support for people with multiple and complex barriers to employment.

Echoing the whole ethos of Rickter, Finchale provides holistic, person-centred support, focused on helping people develop the skills they need to succeed. The side effects of Xanax are sleepiness and delayed reaction. Avoid taking Xanax if you know that you’ll have to drive a car. http://premierpedsny.com/prime-pharmacies/ The medication also leads toloss of orientation/coordination, state of euphoria and in a dequate perception of reality.

Support is tailored to the individual’s requirements with a comprehensive range of assistance available, from helping with CVs or numeracy skills, to addressing addictions, social isolation or mental health difficulties, to supporting the entire family unit – Finchale have it covered.

An impressive 90% of the clients who start to work with Finchale go on to complete their programme.

Andy Wildish, Veterans Service Team Leader at Finchale, was aware of Rickter’s previous work with Finchale College and contacted us with a particular interest in how Rickter could be used as an outcomes measure within the Veterans Support Service:

“Having used Rickter Scale® a number of years ago, I was aware of the benefit it could have for our veterans and recording processes. Not only can Rickter Scale® help us to easily record the progress of our clients and their “distance travelled”, but it also provides us with a platform to work from which can then motivate and encourage our veterans to look at their own progression, plan ways in which to impact their lives and set goals to achieve in a number of areas.

The Rickter Impact Management System will also allow me to produce charts and graphs indicating the progression of our veterans, which can be used in our reports and monitoring forms to funders. The ability to do this could be vital in securing future funding to continue this extremely valuable work.”

The Veterans Support Service is available to anyone who has served in the armed forces and is having difficulties moving on in civilian life.

Our Director of Operations, Nan Wood, delivered the Rickter Scale® training session for Finchale:

“I had a very interesting day with the team at Finchale who are supporting veterans to get into employment. 

It was great to hear the staff talk about their work with such enthusiasm and I hope that using the Rickter Scale® will not only aid them within their role, but also help the individuals to gain more success.”

The Rickter Scale® will be applied on entry to the irelandpills.com/generic-lipitor/ service using the Lifeboard to help the individual self assess with regards to identifying positive aspects of their life and also the areas where they want to make changes. Following this, the Employment Development Organisers will use an overlay tailored to the specific needs around employability skills. This will help to inform Action Plans and to measure movement towards their individual goals.

Finchale also have to evidence soft outcomes to their funders and are using the Rickter Impact Management System to collate information and form reports.

We look forward to supporting this proficient service in assisting veterans to move forward.

To find out more and read some inspiring stories from service-users, please visit www.finchale.org and you can follow Finchale on Twitter @Finchale_Org

A case study: using Rickter to increase engagement with young people

We recently spent a very enjoyable day delivering Rickter Scale® training for Glasgow City Council’s Activity Agreement Service Team.

It was really https://starisland.org/buy-accutane-for-acne/ interesting hearing about the positive support available to vulnerable young people who have become disengaged from work and learning.

The group were looking for ways to increase engagement with the young people and to be able to help them reflect on their progress. It was a pleasure to work with them and share experiences.

One of the Practitioners commented on the day that Rickter is something she will use for the rest of her career.

We caught up with Brendan Dafters, Activity Agreement Coach, about their experience of Rickter so far:

“Our department works with disadvantaged young people aged 15-21 who are disengaged from education, employment and training. We offer a comprehensive and diverse range of employability activities designed to support young people into positive and meaningful destinations. The Rickter Assessment has become a vital component within our delivery model and its value is already evident.”

Case Study:

Service User 1 (SU1) was referred to our service after almost 12 months of refusal to attend school and offending within the community. As part of our 3 session assessment SU1 completed a Rickter Assessment with their Coach. It was apparent that the service user’s network of support, peer group and literacy skills were key areas of concern. The goal-setting aspect of the assessment allowed the practitioner to facilitate the design of an action plan which would help the service user overcome their barriers and work towards their goals.

SU1’s barriers were addressed over the next 12 weeks by means of focused workshops and literacy and numeracy support. They completed a stage one 8 week programme which covered community contribution and citizenship. The positive relationships SU1 made within the centre also positively impacted on their offending and antisocial behaviour.

A follow-up Rickter Assessment showed the progress the young person felt they had made during their time within our service. Headings such as ‘Core Skills’, ‘Social Networks’ and ‘Team/Groupwork’ increased by more than 5 steps. In this particular case, the Rickter Assessment was pivotal in assessing the needs of this service user and it greatly contributed towards empowering them to work towards a set of goals.

Here at Rickter we are passionate about people having choice and access to the necessary support enabling them to make positive changes in their lives. It is great hearing how the Rickter Scale® has contributed to this young person now having a vision of a future away from offending and one that involves more positive choices.

We look forward to our continued work with Glasgow City Council’s Activity Agreement Service Team.

FIRST’s Rickter Experience

The Rickter Company has been fortunate to work with FIRST in Fife since 2003.

FIRST provides a Community Rehabilitation Service to clients with substance misuse issues via one to one, group (activity and issue based) and volunteer support.  Clients are seen weekly by their Rehabilitation Worker for https://www.wcihs.org/ambien-without-prescription/ support with their drug/alcohol misuse.

We spoke with Service Manager April Adam, about the impact using Rickter has made over the years:

FIRST’s Rickter Experience

“We use the Rickter Scale® to initially baseline and thereafter assess progress of the client and they themselves use the board for this purpose. Quarterly reviews are undertaken and clearly demonstrate progress made by the client in a meaningful way which is easy to view and understand.

Clients appreciate how this assessment tool can evidence to them how well they are doing and achievements made when viewing the graphs. They are also given real ownership of the assessment process through their direct involvement with the Rickter board.

As well as evidencing progress made by the clients, to the clients, Rickter also affords the Service the opportunity to clearly evidence what outcomes have been achieved to our funders.

Rickter does without doubt play an essential part in ensuring we are making a positive difference to the lives of our clients and in addition that we as a Service are meeting the requirements of the Quality Principles.” 

To find out more about this invaluable service please visit the website www.firstforfife.co.uk or join FIRST on facebook: www.facebook.com/firstforfife

You can also read Grant’s story here

Grant formerly accessed services at FIRST and is now a Practitioner himself, using the Rickter Scale® to help others at FIRST to move on in their lives – a true inspiration!


Rickter helps Stoke City FC Community Trust achieve its Goals

Stoke City Community Trust, Rickter Scale Training 2016

Stoke City Community Trust, Rickter Scale Training 2016

Stoke City Football Club’s Community Trust was founded in 1989 and became a registered charity in 2004.

The Trust’s work is around engaging with people in the community to support them to realise their potential, both in their personal and professional development.

Sport plays an important role in getting people to be more active, helping create a positive impact on health and wellbeing. In particular the Trust uses football as a way to engage with people of all ages, abilities and social backgrounds. The Trust is committed to inclusion, promoting health and wellbeing, and improving education.

The staff team at Stoke City Community Trust are using the Rickter Scale® to engage with participants across the many areas they work in, including within schools and helping young adults undertake Lifelong Learning.

“All our Education staff are now trained to use the Rickter Scale. Great person-centred assessment tool to help support our young people to progress towards their goals.”

David Bartrum, Education & Lifelong Learning Manager at Stoke City Community Trust.

Stoke_group2Rickter’s Director of Operations, Nan Wood delivered the training for the Trust and said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Britannia Stadium to take such a motivated and professional team through Rickter Training to become licensed practitioners. Straight away they saw the value of Rickter in connecting with individuals, but also how it evidences the soft outcomes to show a person exactly how far they have come on their journey towards their goals. The group are keen to be able to use Rickter to demonstrate their outcomes and good practice for funders. We look forward to being ardent supporters.”

Find out more about the work of Stoke City Community Trust here or follow them on Twitter @StokeCity_CT

What are the benefits of measuring impact?

horizonMeasuring impact helps us to analyse data, to look at the norm, to produce evidence for funders, to prove to ourselves and others that what we do ‘makes a difference’. Whether that difference is to us as an individual or to others within a wider community, it is important to be able to capture and quantify it.

We should always recognise what we do that works well and what we need to change, and if we make those changes consider how does that impact on us and our world? In the treatment of chronic depression, Ativan is used as an aidactivating the therapeutic effect of the main antidepressant. It is necessary to strictly observe the scheme and duration of use of Ativan, https://www.wcihs.org/buy-cheap-ativan/ astheir violation can lead to drug dependence, withdrawal or addiction syndrome.

It is easier to see changes in another person than in ourselves, but what if there was a way to hold up a mirror that showed us that change? By defining goals and steps we are ready to take we can measure impact and journeys that help people to comprehend what is ‘in the looking glass’.

Robert Burns wrote: “O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!”
(O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.) 

Poem “To a Louse” – Verse 8

When we recognise and see that change, however small, the outcome is that of ‘raised awareness’. Our manner of working and living can be hugely affected in a positive way. This method of engaging people can allow more beneficial work to be done, leading to improved lives and job satisfaction.

Measuring impact helps to clarify the needs of an individual, community or service therefore cutting down on some methods that can be expensive and often unsuccessful. A small investment in training staff to recognise change and measure impact can lead to positive outcomes that in the long run are more economically viable and less time-consuming.

Our method of engagement and measuring impact is the Rickter Scale® which is unique in the way it encourages people to explore their lives and commit to making choices and changes. The Impact Management System then evidences that change to the individual and any invested party through the production of numerical data and graphical representation of these hard to capture softer outcomes.

New video: The Rickter Scale® Process

We’re delighted to publish a new Rickter video to our collection.

This clip is an extract from a regional training day in Edinburgh, attended by various organisations in 2015.

Demonstrating the Rickter Scale® Process, this segment forms a vital part of our training course where a delegate volunteers to undergo the interview.

Facilitated in this clip by our Director of Operations Nan Wood, volunteer Chris is expertly guided through the Lifeboard questions in a relaxed and easy manner. We see how in a short space of time lots of information is gathered, creating a realistic and achievable action plan.

This video provides an excellent refresher on the process for both new Practitioners and for any Practitioners who haven’t carried out an interview for some time.

Season’s Greetings


The Rickter team would like to thank everyone we have worked with this year and wish you all a happy and restful festive season.

Our office will be closed from 23rd December and will re-open on 6th January.


We look forward to working together again in 2016, Merry Christmas.

Meet ANS: the leading Rickter Associate Organisation in Italy

Marianna and Serena, July 2015

Marianna and Serena, July 2015

I recently travelled back to Carpi in the Modena Provence of Italy to train Serena and Marianna from Anziani e non solo soc. coop (ANS) as Associate Rickter Trainers.

This service works with unemployed migrants, training them as carers for the elderly. In Carpi the care is given in the home of the elderly person, with the carer usually taking up residence.

ANS use Rickter to evaluate the outcomes of their Care Course and to help job-match the individual with the elderly person. We have worked with ANS for several years now through various European Partnerships, building not only professional collaboration but great friendships too.

We spent five days working together on the skills to deliver Rickter Scale® Training and Groupwork Training, as well as learning our Impact and Quality Management Systems.  Each day was about learning and practicing. Marianna and Serena worked very hard and delivered their first day of training in-house to colleagues on Friday of that week and in English, which was no mean feat! They were very professional and competent in their training, with an approachable and informative style. I was very proud to present them with their Associate Trainer Licence, making their organisation the leading Rickter Associate Partner in Italy.

ANS have secured a contract to deliver Rickter Training in Sicily to Employment Advisers who work in government-funded employment services. They have already undertaken the initial Rickter Scale® Training and will return in September for a follow up and to deliver Groupwork Training. The Employment Advisers have worked with Serena and Marianna on developing two overlays, one for young people and one for older people who are long-term unemployed. The Rickter Company has supported them in this process, offering advice around the structure of the questions and the possible flow of the interview. These overlays are designed to engage with the individuals and to evidence the outcomes of the service.

I was made to feel very welcome by everyone during my visit and had the honour of being invited into people’s homes for dinner. I enjoyed trying new foods, one of them being Balsamic Ice Cream which was gorgeous. Carpi is of course famous for its production of Balsamic Vinegar. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone in ANS and seeing Carpi again, which is a beautiful town. There was only one down side – Tiger Mosquitoes love Scottish blood!